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You are a grown up, and very soon you will be an adult, ready for college. Make sure your We preserve your memories in the most special way!!

High School Yearbook

Secondary School years are the years when you have grown up, and can form the team with your school friends and make the yearbook for your class with the help of your teacher. You are mature enough to handpick the memories which you want to take that special place in your life.

Secondary School years mark one of the most important times if your life. Use the yearbook as an opportunity to tell the world what you want to become in life and make sure you work towards achieving it with the help of your teachers and mentors.

Becoming part of the yearbook committee can help you excel in journalism, as High School yearbooks are considered as a form of journalism at Scholastic Journalism such as the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, the Journalism Education Association and a set of myriad state and regional journalism associations. Who knows, while writing something for your friend or an article about a school event, you might end up choosing journalism as your career.

A typical High School yearbook also consists of various events clubs and societies at the school, the performances given by students and the special achievers and awardees. This might be a chance to showcase your special talent to the whole school.

Whether you enjoy sports , arts or debates in school, add all your achievements on your own profile page and let the world know how talented you are. Make it special by asking your friends to write something special for you. When the yearbook comes out, you will have a bundle of memories which you can carry with you throughout your life.

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