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How Yearbook Canvas Works

Preserving your memories should be fun and not a task. We make sure you enjoy each and every step involved in designing the best YearBook. Just follow the following simple steps and have your whole batch’s YearBook designed and delivered within 4 weeks

  • One of your batch representatives will become an admin for your institute. Admin will be responsible for selecting the theme, the size of the book etc. He will hold the complete authority for your institute yearbook and will be the final decision maker in overall process of publishing it. Rest all the students will play their crucial role by contributing their own personal page and pictures to the yearbook. In nutshell, all students will give LIFE to yearbook.
  • Create your account with us and you are all set to start your yearbook project
  • Define your requirements like the size of the YearBook, no. of pages, no. of copies, the cover type etc. Don’t worry, these requirements can be changed at the later stage before you place the order for the final delivery.
  • Next, choose themes that cater to your needs from more than 100 themes available on YearBook Canvas, you can even upload your own theme as well. Once you have decided on theme, you can choose and customize templates for the front page, the back page, the common pages and the student pages of your yearbook.
  • At this step, you will have to plan and decide on content for common pages like the Director’s Message, About your Institute, Batch details, Event pages, picture pages of yearbook etc.
  • Admin will invite all students to create their own special page. Students can personalize their page and can also invite friends to write testimonials for them. As admin, make sure you give deadline to students to finish their page.
  • You are almost done, just proofread the pages of your yearbook, testimonials written by your friends and make sure the final deliverable is no less than a master piece.
  • Your YearBook is ready, all you need to do is publish the final version, order and leave the rest to us. We will deliver a world class YearBook at your doorstep in quickest possible time. (Usually 5- 15 business days)

Wasn’t it a cakewalk? You just designed the most special YearBook for your whole batch within a few moments. Not only that, YearBook was a collaborative effort, with your friends contributing their memories as well.

So what are you waiting for, create an account with us now and get your batch’s YearBook with YearBook Canvas.

Yearbook is a must. Try us, to believe it.

The Sorority dinner or the Farewell speech, the joy of celebrating after the football match or the happiness of dancing with the one you had a crush on. For those moments you laughed, you cried, you danced, you sang, you fought & made up, the moments when you truly lived.

They are delighted to use Yearbook Canvas, join the league!

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