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Your child changes every year.A Yearbook of all the first !

Memories are made at every step in your life, memories which are invaluable, memories which you never want to forget. At every stage in life, there are moments which you want to remember throughout your life. YearBook Canvas provides you a chance to preserve each of those memories with the myriad collection under its kitty.

Primary School Yearbook

Primary Years are the years that shape your child’s future. During primary years, you as a teacher or a parent understand how important it is to preserve your child’s special moments. Beautiful memories they create in school year after year should have a special way to record it and a Yearbook does just that.

Generally a team is created from the school, consisting of teachers and parents, which come up with the designs and the pictures for the yearbook. Hence, it develops an everlasting bond between the teachers and the parents. Moreover, it is also helps parents to learn about all of their child’s friends.

The Annual Day, the Cultural programs, the Sports day or any normal day at school, everything is captured in a way that when your child will look back at it, his/her lovely past will engulfs him/her with nostalgic pangs. So, what are you waiting for, gift your child/children a lovely chance to re-live their childhood memories with YEARBOOK!

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