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For these are probably your last few years of formal education. Soon, you will be get busy with you work life.

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You all have chosen a path in your life, soon you will get settled in the cozy nests you will build for yourself, but what will never come back are the moments of joy you had with your friends at college. You will never go back to bunking lectures, you will never stay up late at night studying for exams, you will never gossip about your college mates and you will never have barbeques and campfires during your summer vacations.

These are moments that help you grow into a mature individual and who knows, you might have met your soul mate during these years. So don’t let these just be moments of the past, let them be memories which you can rejoice whenever you want.

Medical College

You will have a hectic job after you graduate, create an Yearbook today which will help you look back at those fun days and relax

Engineering College

You literally lived your whole life during the years of college, why not capture it in a beautiful way?

Under – Graduate College

You still have a long way to go before you settle down, take those special moments with you before they become just a distant memory.

B – School

You are a manager at heart, who better then you to capture all those late night discussions and brain storming session over the case studies to laugh at later

Law College

The lawyer in you will always argue about you favorite moment, give him umpteen options by creating a collection of myriad memories in the form a Yearbook

Art College

Creativity is in your DNA, you were born to be special. Get the most creative minds in your campus to design a collection of memories which you will never be able to forget

Vocational Courses

Capture those special moments that you experienced during your training, and take them with you as sweet memories for a

Part Time MBA

You are busy managing your work & student life, but do not let the hectic schedule take away the well-deserved memories that you created along, capture them in a beautiful Yearbook especially designed for you

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