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You create memories and We preserve them!!

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Yearbook Canvas

has been responsible for imprinting those immemorial times for thousands of people across India & the world.

Experience matters and that is what we have gained by working with over 100+ yearbook projects. We have gained expertise into planning and executing yearbooks. Being India’s No.1 Yearbook Publishing firm, we are known for quality of printing and timely delivery. With this ambitious project, we are integrating technology with the process of creating yearbook, making the process simple and seamless. While working on the project, we constantly involved various stakeholders to understand what they wanted. One thing that everyone unanimously voted for was to be able to preserve those special moments in their own way. So here we are, giving you a world, where you can play around and create the Yearbook which goes down the memory lane.

One question that constantly boggled us was that in this continuously globalizing world, how we should cater to the global audience. Along with a huge presence in India, we have expanded to multiple countries across the world by joining hands with logistics companies like DHL, FedEx and Aramex to ensure reliable and fastest door delivery service of yearbook to you.

Another major thing that we paid great attention to was security. These are your memories and no one should be able to hack into them. Our application gives you the flexibility to define multiple user rights with different access controls.

We provide you the support for designing, with over 500 templates available with us. So, designing a yearbook becomes a cakewalk for you.

We hope you have an amazing experience designing and creating yearbook on our website. In case of any feedback or queries, do write to us, we would be happy to help.

Yearbook is a must. Try us, to believe it.

The Sorority dinner or the Farewell speech, the joy of celebrating after the football match or the happiness of dancing with the one you had a crush on. For those moments you laughed, you cried, you danced, you sang, you fought & made up, the moments when you truly lived.

You will move on with your lives, starting a family, entering into a new, more sophisticated acquaintance group, but what will never fade will be the memories of those moments. Looking back at those days, you will laugh again and cry again, but what if you want to revisit all those memories? What if you want to relive all those moments?

Make sure the remnants of past, which you never want to forget, are preserved in the most special way. YearBook will make sure you have your favorite moments. Publish those moments in the YearBook in your own way.

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